I always complete a full assessment during the initial appointment to ascertain the need for treatment and to develop appropriate treatment plans. This is an important part of your journey in understanding your unique experience with physical pain and it will determine the most appropriate treatment pathway for you. Treatments vary between one-off sessions or multiple sessions held over several months, depending on your needs and circumstances. However, there is never any obligation to commit to a long term treatment plan, if it is not your wish to do so.

Online treatments consists of somatic experiencing techniques (click here to find out more about Somatic Experiencing) and guidance on how to move with ease in everyday life. Treatment can be accessed from all over the world and can be completed from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else that you may be. What I do suggest, however, is that you are within an environment you feel comfortable in and free from any interruptions.


In order for me to adhere to the rules governing the use of personal data, I complete appointments via '' which is an encrypted medical online telehealth software designed to keep all communication 100% confidential. No set-up required, you just need to accept an email invitation and we are good to go!

If you would like to go ahead and book an appointment or if you have any further questions about online appointments, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.


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